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Purposeland President Shane Haggerty has been delivering workshops and presentations for organizations since 2008. A former teacher, Haggerty approaches each speaking engagement from a personalized and customized approach. He has presented on topics like enrollment strategies, social media, strategic campaigns, storytelling, marketing trends, technology integration in schools, career-technical education marketing, content marketing, and much more. He has presented throughout the nation and in Canada, most recently at the National School Public Relations Association National Seminar and the Canadian Association of Communicators in Education Conference.

Workshops & Presentations

Need a workshop or presentation for your event or professional development? Here is a list of just some of the topics and titles we can provide:

  • The New Storytelling: How To Connect with Audiences Through Strategic Content and Fresh Tactics
  • Modern Day Career-Technical Education Marketing
  • Creating Purpose in Your School’s PR
  • Communicating to Lead
  • School Communication: What District Administration Needs To Know
  • Disrupting Enrollment
  • Pay to Play: Using Social Media Ads To Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Audience
  • Next Level Social Media: 5 Fresh Tactics You Should Know
  • Developing Creative & Strategic Campaigns For Your School District

Customized Professional Development

Purposeland can create customized professional learning for our clients. These can include multi-day training or full-day or half-day workshops. Some professional development sessions we’ve done include:

  • Social Media 101
  • District Administration Communication Training
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Internal Communications
  • Branding & Marketing


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