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Project Description

Podcasting has exploded in popularity over the last several years and the numbers don’t lie. According to iHeartRadio, 51% have listened to a podcast and their loyalty is pretty astounding with 80% of them listening to all or most of each episode. Audio experiences have struck a strong chord with audiences. In new research from NeuroLab, 50% of people have a more positive emotional peak elicited by brand stories told audibly versus just told visually.

Podcasting should be considered as another tactic when planning your communications. Whether it is a podcast that will be a year-round endeavor or a limited run podcast, the opportunities presented by audio platforms and the loyal listeners it reaches gives organizations a fresh and niche opportunity to educate, entertain, and create a fan base.

Purposeland included podcasting as part of a strategic retention campaign for our client Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools. While we produced six, brief episodes of a web series called “One Day” for our client, we wanted to be able to expand the conversation even further. While audiences tend to not want to spend too much time watch videos and prefer them to be short, podcast listeners will listen longer. That’s why we produced six episodes of a podcast to accompany each episode of the web series.

“Beyond One Day” was a collaborative project between Purposeland and our podcasting production partner Truth Work Media (South Bend, Ind.). Purposeland handled the logistics of recording, scriptwriting, show notes, while Truth Work Media handled all aspects of editing and post-production creating a professionally-produced quality to each episode.

Many clients are overwhelmed by the thought of producing a podcast, but Purposeland and Truth Work Media makes the process easy. For “Beyond One Day”, we brought in a community figure to host each episode and worked with our client to select people to be interviewed, including students, staff members, alumni, partners, and parents. To make the process as simple as possible, we scheduled all interviews to be recorded in one day. While the podcast series would roll out over several months, we were able to get all audio recorded and handed off for post-production at one time.

There are a number of other elements to consider when launching a podcast including graphic design, selecting a hosting service, and promotion. Purposeland provided all of these services for the client.

What resulted was six episodes of a limited run podcast that accompanied a campaign targeting new students and families. The podcasts allowed our client to provide additional messaging and content to a curious audience. You can listen to the episodes HERE.

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