Project Description

Marking a milestone 

For Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools, 2018 marked a major milestone for the career-tech district that services 16 districts and more than 4,000 high school and adult students in Central Ohio. Opened in 1968, the golden anniversary presented an opportunity for the district to reintroduce itself to the public it serves. Instead of focusing on the traditional “rewind” posture taken by most organization’s during a milestone anniversary, Purposeland helped create a story-based campaign focused on the future of the district while celebrating its most valuable success stories, those of its students.

Purposeland utilized both traditional and non-traditional tactics as part of the Eastland-Fairfield 50th Anniversary campaign. The first thing we did was convince the district to scrap the traditional keynote speaker at their 50th Anniversary event and Hall of Fame ceremony. Instead, we produced a short film called “Finding Futures”. “Finding Futures” is a short film that follows current students, alumni, teachers and some of our business partners to showcase the threads that bind Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools together. The work we all do here has contributed to successful economic growth in the region, and most importantly, to the successful futures of students and families. This film weaves the various stories of these voices as they are finding their passions, finding their purposes, and ultimately finding futures that have led 50 years and counting of Eastland-Fairfield and career-tech.


The film debuted first at the school’s 50th Anniversary event and Hall of Fame induction before being distributed on its website, Facebook and YouTube. Social media was utilized throughout the campaign to promote the district’s history and its future plans. Traditional media was also engaged with stories appearing in multiple local media outlets, including a front-page story in The Columbus Dispatch called “Career-Tech Boom” which focused on how the district is helping the region solve the skills gap.