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Project Description

Connection + Engagement At Oetc13


Have you ever attended large conferences and left the events feeling like you missed out on quite a bit? With literally dozens of speakers, displays and sessions to attend, conferences can oftentimes be overwhelming.

We were charged with fixing that issue for the 15th annual Ohio Educational Technology Conference (#OETC13), the third largest educational technology event in the country at the time, held in Columbus each year. With more than 6,000 people in attendance, over 400 breakout sessions, hundreds of exhibitors, product launches, and a “living lab” where students, teachers, and organizations display real-life technology, the event is quite a spectacle. However, even with all of this great programming, the hosts, found that participants were disconnected and unengaged. While they had used social media in the past as a backchannel, they were looking to use online platforms in a strategic way to boost conversations, increase interest and awareness of the event, encourage user-generated content, and engage conference attendees.

That’s when we developed the idea of #OETC13 Social Media Command. Social Media Command served as the official headquarters and “hub” of everything social media-related for the event in order to create meaningful conversations and engagement with conference attendees and the edtech community.

Throughout the three-day event, we managed all social platforms, invited attendees to stop by and receive training on social media platforms, hosted a live show from the command center called “#OETC13 Live” via Google Plus featuring special guests, and worked to create content to populate and engage via all of our social channels.

However, the project didn’t just include live event management of a social media command center. We also built-in pre-event and post-event content marketing strategies, media outreach, and other engagement tactics to build “buzz” before people arrived in Columbus and to continue the conversation after the event.