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Project Description

Purposeland was hired as the agency of record for Partners for College Affordability and Public Trust (Partners) to handle a full range of marketing and communications for the upstart organization. Partners is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to making high-quality, affordable college education a reality for all Americans. The organization’s drive to make college more affordability hit a fever pitch in the spring of 2019 in their pilot state of Virginia as they four public universities had the opportunity to freeze tuition for the first time in years, but only if their Boards approved the offer from the state of Virginia’s legislators.

Purposeland needed to assist Partners in executing a digital advocacy and awareness campaign to build a groundswell of support amongst students on the campuses of the University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University, and Virginia Tech. With a limited budget, Purposeland coordinated a digital campaign that included custom landing pages and digital ads for each campus, designed around each school’s branding. Since college affordability is top-of-mind for most students, leveraging a simple message “Freeze Tuition” was utilized to drive students (and parents) to respond to the digital ads, which led to a landing page which would easily send out emails to Board members at each school.

Web banner ad examples.

We developed our strategy around four key tactics: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and banner ads on each campus newspaper website. We created custom Facebook and Instagram ads, Snapchat ads and geofilters, and purchased the main web banners on each campus’s news websites. The ability to target each campus on these platforms successful created advocates on each campus and supported the efforts of Partners to get each campus community involved leading up to the Board meetings where the crucial votes would take place.

Snapchat ad sample.

Over the course of the four-week effort over four campuses, Partners successfully saw their hard work in the state legislature result in all four colleges approving tuition freezes resulting in savings for students for the first time in years and creating a model of success that can now be scaled in other states.

  • 59,000+ people reached on Facebook and Instagram
  • 167,000+ impressions on Snapchat
  • 1,200+ link clicks to landing pages from Facebook and Instagram
  • 2,400+ swipe ups to landing pages from Snapchat
  • 200+ people took action and sent nearly 800 emails to Board members.